Seed Events

Our annual Seed Swap Sunday is held on The last Sunday of each February at Crossna Community Centre, Knockvicar, Boyle from 12-3pm.

Seed Swap Sunday is an event where growers of all ages and abilities freely exchange bought and self saved seed.

Ideally, Seed should either be in date or germination tested. A simple test is to sprout 10 or 100 seeds and record the successful percentage.

Tables are set out for different seed varieties. Seeds are simply exchanged by setting down your seeds as you arrive, providing detail to benefit other users who set out their own surplus seed. (Type, variety, grower & harvest date are ideal. Any advanced info is also welcome). Everybody takes the amount they intend to use and that is that.

In the UK Seedy Sunday provide plenty of seed swap information, they hold a huge swap in Brighton & provide listings for swaps around the UK & overseas.

More Swaps at Westport College of FE 3rd Mar, Irish Seed Savers 4th Mar & Brown Envelope Seeds 18th March.

We found the members of our community seed system through our seed swap & believe its the ideal type of event for others to do the same.

We’d love to hear about your event & will happily publicise it here – wherever you are based.